Sommer - Super Small Diameter Microphone Cable

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Sommer SC-Cicada Low Noise Microphone Cable

Sommer cable is a German cable manufacturer founded in 1999 and since then has established a global presence with a wide range of professional audio, video, data and modular system solutions. They are a speciality supplier of innovative microphone, instrument and hybrid cable solutions designed to solve real world problems and we rely on a number of their cables where premium performance is required. This includes SC-Cicada which is one of the smallest diameter low noise microphone cables available today at only 2.6mm diameter.


Microphones, wired in-ear monitors and rack wiring


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A Tough Super Small Diameter Cable 

Polyurethane, also referred to as PUR is a thermoplastic material used for cable outer jacket materials. Due to its abrasion resistance, UV resistance and water resistance it is particularly suited for outdoor cables and cables that require flexibility whilst having high tensile strength.

SC-Cicada microphone cable has a tough a notch resistant PUR jacket that means it can withstand more stresses that some PVC jacket cables. This makes it suitable for a number of applications such as rack wiring, internal wiring for audio components, wired in-ear systems and visually discrete low noise microphone cables for clip on microphones and headsets.

Its small size means it opens up a number of options for balanced line level applications such as 3.5mm and 1/4" extension cables with either Neutrik and Switchcraft connectors. We have had great success installing SC-Cicada as a custom aux cable for wired in-ear systems that are not visually obtrusive whilst being able to withstand rough handling.

Custom Small Diameter Microphone Cable

SC-Cicada is customisable in out cable customiser app, however due to it very small diameter only length, connectors, connector boot colours and ID rings are customisable. Heatshrink printing is not available but we can apply custom Neutrik ID ring labels for any labelling needs you may have. For this option please contact us at