Canare Star Quad Microphone Cable

Incredible noise rejection and ruggedness available in 10 colours!

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Canare Star Quad Microphone Cable - Narrow Profile

Small diameter (4.8mm) star quad microphone cable. Uncompromised quality!

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Custom Microphone Cables

Cablesmiths is a professional manufacturer of custom microphone cables and balanced interconnects for stage, studios and install applications. We carry an extensive inventory of high quality low noise microphone cables and connectors from brands such Mogami, Canare, Klotz, Neutrik, Switchcraft and many more to manufacture standard and custom designs for a wide range of professional applications.

Our use of high precision Schleuniger wire stripping machines and high quality Kester, Amtech and Metcal soldering products ensure each cable is made precisely to specification and to the highest quality standard possible. 

Cablesmiths offers unmatched cable customisation options for microphone cables that are rugged and reliable. We take pride in our ability to offer customers the most extensive range of custom cable options in an easy to use customiser app that enables customers to visually design their perfect custom cable.

Through our app the following can be customised in real time;

  • Cable Brand
  • Cable Length
  • Connector Brand
  • Connector Type
  • Connector Customisation Options
  • Custom Colour Heath Shrink Logo
  • Custom Techflex Braided Sleeving 
  • Premium Cable Tie 

Customise your Microphone Cable here!

Canare Star Quad Microphone Cables

Cablesmiths is your one stop shop for professional star quad microphone cables that reject interference in noisy environments. With a huge range of cable colours and diameter sizes in stock we have all your stage, studio and rack wiring needs covered in our standard and custom range. Professionally terminated with a free premium long life cable tie included!

AES/EBU Digital Audio Microphone Cables

Our high quality 110 OHM AES/EBU digital audio cables are available in standard and custom lengths for professional audio and lighting applications. We can reel it and roll it any way you need it.