2nd Gen 12G SDI range

A new benchmark in performance and reliability

Our 2nd  generation 12G SDI video cables are specially designed with a stranded silver plated conductor in a 2.9mm diameter jacket for transmission distances up to 20m.

  • Stranded silver plated inner conductor for extreme flexibility
  • Small outer diameter of only 2.9mm
  • Tinned copper braid providing 95% shielding
  • Robust PUR jacket for the most demanding conditions
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2nd Gen 12G SDI range

12G SDI connectors made in Germany

German made BNC connectors that are fully compatible with all BNC connections with backward compatibility to 3G SDI and 6G SDI featuring new strain sleeves available in multiple colours.

  • Non-magnetic, hard gold-plated Beryllium copper inner conductor
  • Hard gold plated inner spring ring to apply constant pressure
  • Shock resistant and designed for outdoor use
  • Bidirectional input and output capability dependent on device
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What is 12G SDI?

12G SDI or (Serial Digital Interface) is a digital video interface standard defined by the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) and was introduced in 2015 under the SMPTE ST 2082 standard.

Its primary use is for the transmission of uncompressed, unencrypted digital video signals at a rate of 12 gigs per second. This makes it ideal for 4K 60p video, especially for 2160p video formats at 60 FPS in broadcasting, film, 4K video cameras and other professional settings.

A key point is that as the transmission rate increases there will be a higher demand on the cable which also impacts the achievable distance. Generally solid conductor coaxial cables will achieve longer transmission distances however these cables are thicker and suited for fixed installation. This means to support stable 12G SDI transmission without interference for mobile applications, high quality speciality cables are required.

Dependent on device our ultra-flexible 2 nd generation 12G SDI video cable can support 3G SDI transmission to a distance of approximately 45m, 30m for 6G SDI and 20m for 12G SDI.


Custom 12G SDI cable accessories

We are Australia’s top 12G SDI cable accessory manufacturer supplying a diverse range of OEM, private label and custom retail cable accessories for premium applications. Our precision coaxial cable processing machinery ensures we meet exact specifications for all our 12G-SDI video cables which we deliver globally in any quantity.

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