Sennheiser CI 1-N Upgrade Cable for EW Wireless Systems


A high quality upgrade cable for Sennheiser EW wireless bodypack transmitters. This cable uses a premium gold tip 3.5mm Switchcraft locking plug and your choice of Neutrik straight or right angle silentPLUGs or gold tip 1/4" plugs.

For the cable we use ruggedised Mogami W2314 terminated with silver solder for maximum conductivity. The thin diameter of the cable makes it visually discrete whilst performing on stage.


This cable is recommended for Sennheiser EW wireless bodypack transmitters.


$15 Express Post For Australian Orders - Online Orders Only

High Quality Wireless Guitar Cable for Senneheiser EW systems

This cable is a significant upgrade to the readily available Sennheiser CI 1-N instrument cable. We use low noise Mogami 2314 cable that has a small diameter of 1.5mm and is highly flexibly allowing for a visually discrete cable and free movement whilst on stage.

For cable length or Techflex braiding options please contact us.

Premium Rugged Connectors

For the 3.5mm connector we use Switchcraft's top of the range 35HD gold tip locking plug with added heatshrink strain relief. For the 1/4" connectors customers can select straight or right angle Neutrik silentPLUGs that automatically mute the signal to avoid pops and squeals when changing instruments under load. If a silentPLUG is not required, standard gold tip Neutrik straight or right angle 1/4" plugs are available.