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Klotz AES/EBU Digital Patch Cable

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Klotz OT1000 AES/EBU Digital Patch Cable

Klotz is a German cable manufacturer with a long heritage going back to 1979. They specialise in high quality, high performance products covering everything from hi-fi consumer cables all the way to professional speaker cable used with high performance touring loudspeaker systems.

A point of differentiation with Klotz is that they actually manufacturer their own cable in their German production plant and hold ISO9001:2015 certification. This commitment to quality means the cables are exceptional and can be relied upon for many years. It’s one of the reasons the majority of Cablesmiths hire microphone and speaker cables are Klotz. This commitment to quality is on display with this 110 Ohm OT1000 AES/EBU digital patch cable. It has great flexibility and shielding due to its tinned copper spiral shield that offers 95% coverage all in a very sleek and slender 4.6mm diameter.

The Perfect 3 in 1 AES/EBU Digital Patch Cable

These properties make it compliant with the AES/EBU standard and open up a wide range of options for production and installation professionals, studios and musicians. As a versatile digital audio cable, it will perform flawlessly in professional live sound as an AES/EBU in/out cable for mixing consoles, PA drive systems and LK fanouts. In the lighting world it has all your 3 and 5 pin DMX applications covered. In the studio it will take care of all your XLR and balanced 1/4” digital interconnections, rack wiring and bantam patch bay work. If that was not enough it will also double as a low noise microphone cable for vocals and instrument miking.

Create your own Custom AES/EBU Digital Cables

Our cable customiser app lets you visually design your own custom cable by changing the cable’s length, connector brand, choose XLRs or 1/4” and add other features such as your colour logo or artwork on a wide range of heatshrink colours. This is particularly useful with this cable so you can design it to meet your specifications. For 5pin DMX and Bantam TT connector options please contact us at for a quote.

Note: Depending on availability we may substitute this cable with Sommer DMX SC-Semicolon (520-0101) that has the same performance only with a 5mm diameter jacket.

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Product Specifications
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Properties Digital & Analog Audio
AWG  2 x 0,14 mm² 
Outer Jacket Material
Handling Texture Smooth
Cable Diameter (mm) 4.6
Available Colours Matte Black
Shield Type Spiral Shield
Shielding Factor (%) 95%
Capacitance Cond./Cond 47 pF/m
Impedence 110 OHM
Applications Environments Professional Production, Recording, Live Stage, Lighting
Recommended AES/EBU, 3 and 5 Pin DMX, Long Mic/Line Level Interconnects, Powered Speakers, Dynamic/Condenser Microphones