Guitar and Bass Amp Head Speaker Cable - 1/4" Jack Plug to Neutrik speakON


Our amp head to speaker cabinet cables are made from a high quality 2 core 4.0 mm² or 12 gauge speaker cable that is designed for professional applications. The speaker cable conductors utilise high quality stranded copper in a rugged black PVC jacket that is flexible and is designed for touring applications ensuring a long life of use in the harshest of conditions. Matched with a variety of Switchcraft 1/4” jack plugs and the new Neutrik speakON connectors for all high current speaker cabinets.


Typical applications for this cable include high current guitar and bass amp heads and speaker cabinets.


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Switchcraft Heavy Duty Jack Plug and Neutrik speakON Connector

This version of our guitar amp head cable uses the new Neutrik speakON connector with screw terminals terminated on pins 1+/ 1-. This new speakON connector offers improved ergonomics with slip-proof material and cable strain relief. The Switchcraft 1/4" jack plug we use is specifically designed for this bigger gauge speaker cable and is made in the USA with a heavy duty all nickel plated housing. This cable is ideally suited for all general guitar amp head applications.

Custom Length Amp to Speaker Cab Cables

We manufacturer this cable in standard 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m lengths, however on request we do supply custom lengths to meet various customer needs and specifications. With speaker cable the general rule of thumb is the shorter the better to not experience detrimental signal loss so we recommend customers do their research when specifying long speaker cables for amp head to speaker cabinet applications.Typical applications for this cable include professional recording and live stage use for guitars.