CATLink 4 Channel Multicore

CATLink 4 Channel Multicore

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The CATLink 4 Channel adapter is a discrete solution for transporting analog or AES/EBU signals down a single CAT cable. This offers a cost saving to a traditional multicore cable by using cheap readily available shielded CAT cable.

Pictured here is the convertCON version which when utilised in a pair becomes a flexible in/out system over long distances. Basic versions with Neutrik NC3MXX and NC3FXX connectors are also available. All three versions are compatible with the 4 Channel Parallel Stagebox.

Note: Shielded CAT cables must be used for proper operation. Phantom power will not work with unshielded CAT cables.

RJ45 Pinout  Channel
1 / 2 Channel 3
3 / 6 Channel 2
4 / 5 Channel 1
7 / 8 Channel 4