50 ohm RF BNC Coax Cable

Canare 50 ohm RF Antenna Cable


Canare L-3D2V 50 ohm Cables for Antenna Distribution Systems

Canare has a well established reputation for exceptional cables for the professional audio and video industry from their industry standard Star Quad microphone cables to their video cable solutions and BNC connectors. They have used their coaxial cable technology to develop L-3D2V which is one of the very few 50 ohm cables and BNC connectors that can be relied upon in professional wireless audio applications.

Canare L-3D2V the Perfect Live Production Antenna Cable

A common problem with cheap 50 ohm antenna cables is that BNC plugs are low quality and corners are cut in the cable jacket and shielding which ultimately leads to the cable becoming very flimsy over time, inevitably failing and proving to be a false economy. Canare employ the same rugged PVC jacket and tinned copper braid shield as in their venerable Star Quad cable! The shield provides 98% shielding and the high quality stranded copper conductor ensures the cable is flexible and has good tensile strength. These properties including its narrow 5.3mm diameter make it ideal for pro audio use for all wireless antenna distribution systems.

High Quality Assembly for Reliable Operation in the Field

To achieve a reliable high quality 50 ohm connection that can withstand the rigours of production and rental the cable preparation and termination needs to be nothing less of perfect. A common reason for coax cable failure is the use of the wrong tools and die sets and a close enough is good enough attitude to cable preparation. Cablesmiths uses a high precision Schleuniger multi step stripping machine to prepare the cable to precise specifications and then hand finished with the correct Canare hand tool and die set.

Our 50 ohm wireless BNC coax cables are available in standard and custom lengths. Production Companies and trade customers should contact us at info@cablesmiths.com.au for commercial quotes and volume discounts.