Belden 9778 Instrument Cable - Switchcraft Plugs


Belden 9778 is ideal for those after a flexible and rugged guitar cable that will perform well on guitar, acoustic and bass. It is a great high quality alternative to Mogami Gold and Canare GS-6.


Typical applications for this cable include professional recordings and live stage use for acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, effects pedals and keyboards.


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High Quality Belden 9778 Guitar Cable

Belden is a global manufacturer of cable and wire solutions and are primarily known for their broadcast, video, audio and industrial products. What might be less known is their expertise in coaxial cabling that they have applied to Belden 9778 guitar cable.

This cable is comprised of a high conductivity tinned copper conductor, a 100% coverage conductive textile shield and a tinned copper spiral shield with 75% coverage encased in a flexible neoprene outer jacket that is only 5.9mm in diameter.

Rugged and Reliable Switchcraft Connectors

Belden 9778 has a capacitance of 148 pF/m (45 pF/ft) which puts it towards the higher end of the Capacitance League Table. In longer cable length this higher capacitance will allow discerning guitarists to shape their tone at the front end by using the higher capacitance to tame higher frequencies and finding the ideal core tone.

To finish this guitar cable as standard we use Switchcraft's rugged all metal 280 and 226 1/4" plugs terminated with Kester silver solder for maximum strength and signal transmission. Switchcraft is an American manufacturer of audio connectors with a long history of manufacturing excellence. Their 1/4" plugs for guitars and keyboards are renowned for their all metal rugged reliability for stable, long-term, trouble-free operation and is the perfect match for Belden 9778 guitar cable.

Custom Belden 9778 Guitar Cable

To ensure a full range of capabilities this cable is available in our cable customiser app so you can design the perfect solution. You can adjust the cable length to suit, change connector brands and type and add your custom colour heatshrink logo and even Techflex braided sleeving that we off in over 25 designs to meet any design and aesthetic needs.

Customise your Belden 9778 Guitar Cable