4 Channel Parallel Stagebox System

4 Channel Parallel Stagebox System

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CatLink Stagebox System

This CAT based stagebox system offers the integrator and live production professional the ability to mix a combination of four send and return signals down a single shielded CAT cable in a compact and discrete form factor.

This system is ideal for transporting four channels of audio over long distances over cheap and discrete shielded CAT cable (e.g. small analog mixing console to stage) or as part of more complex signal distribution systems for larger productions e.g. amp rack analog backup.

Note: Shielded CAT cables must be used for proper operation. Phantom power will not work with unshielded CAT cables.

RJ45 Pinout  Channel
1 / 2 Channel 3
3 / 6 Channel 2
4 / 5 Channel 1
7 / 8 Channel 4