2nd Generation 12G SDI Highflex Socket BNC to HD BNC Video Cable

Our 2nd generation 12G SDI cables are a huge leap forward in miniaturised 12G SDI cables for professional applications. Using a new 2.9mm diameter flexible cable in a ruggedized PUR jacket and new German made slim BNC connectors, they are suitable for the most demanding mobile and installation 4k and 8K video applications.

Typical applications for this patch cable include Ultra-High Definition Digital Video, 4K Single-link 12 Gb/s UHDTV, 4K D-Cinema, 8K Quad-link UHDTV, HD-SDI 1080p and interconnect cables for Red One, Blackmagic Designs, premium gimbals and accessories.

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A high performance 12G SDI adapter cable to meet current and future UHD requirements

Our 2nd generation 12G cable is specially designed with a stranded silver  plated conductor, a physically foamed PE dielectric and finished with a very tight tinned copper braid shielding with 95% coverage and a robust PUR jacket. This makes the cable extremely flexible and rugged even in temperatures ranging from -40°C and +70°C. These properties make this the cable ideal for transmission distances up to 20 metres in applications such as film sets, mobile cameras, gimbal deployments to live production and installation environments.

This cable exceeds the performance of our 1st generation Belden 4855R cable which has a solid core and PVC jacket. This limits its applications to fixed installations and minimal bending situations as repeated flexing will eventually break the soild conductor.

12G-SDI certified BNC connectors 

We use a new slim German made male BNC with a much slimmer rotary sleeve than standard BNC connectors and a female socket BNC that is fully compatible with standard BNC connectors. This allows these cables to be used in patch panels with high packing density and extension applications. The inner and outer conductor are gold plated with an operating life of at least 2000 connections for a long life of 4K and 8K video transmission.

An advancement now available with our 2nd generation connectors is dedicated strain relief available in eleven colours. This contributes to the ruggedness of the cable as well as ease of connection and disconnection.

High quality manufacturing and attention to detail

With such as small diameter our precision coaxial cable processing machinery, high quality tooling and die sets ensure precise repeatability to exact specifications for all our 12G-SDI cables. Our multi step cable processing machine removes the guess work that often occurs in lower quality products by ensuring the cable is prepared to the exact termination specification which is essential for flawless signal transmission. What we do by hand are the precision crimps and final assembly for these next generation 12G BNC cables. This attention to detail means our customers are guaranteed excellent plug and play performance and can custom design 12G-SDI 4K UHD cables that meet their needs and specifications.

OEM and private label solutions shipped worldwide

Cablesmiths is an OEM and private label manufacturer for 12G-SDI 4K UHD cables offering competitive pricing and no low minimum order quantities. Our manufacturing capabilities mean cables can be customised and branded to exact client specifications with full support from pro-typing to commercialisation. If you are looking to sell your own retail product or branded 12G-SDI cable accessory or want a custom length version of this product contact us via info@cablesmiths.com.au to discuss your requirements.